A 2* years old Computer Geek

I obsess on social work when I'm not working .

I (used to) write idiotic comments about the things I see.

'A Traveller to Explore the Obscure Phases of Life' | Tech Enthusiast | Learner | Vegetarian

I have a more detailed résumé if you're into that sort of thing..

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Things to do before 2030
What’s up next?
A bucket list is something everyone should have.
As you go through thiscollection of My bucket list.
Be sure to write your own personal list. Add in everything that challenges you. Add in the thing you think would be fun.
  • 01. EBC Trek !
  • 02.Record a documentary about some part of my life
  • 03.Kailash Mansarobar
  • In progress..Start Own Startup
  • In progress..Support 3 people without anything in return
  • In progress..Read Mahabharat & Ramayana
  • 04.Teach 23 homeless how to code and change their lives
  • 05.Learn Sanskrit
  • 06.Go on holiday with best friends.
  • 07.Sell food in the street
  • 08.Adopt and raise a child.
  • 09.Read the license for all the softwares I usually use 😜
  • 10.Devote a one day in month to help random people from the street
  • 11.Publish a book
  • 12.Read Veda
  • 13.Learn how to play an guitar 🎸
  • 14.Go on a road trip with a friend.
  • 15.Sleep underneath the stars.
  • 16.Swim with dolphins.
  • 17.Live in a treehouse for 6 months
  • 18.Start and achieve a 365 Day Happiness Challenge
  • 19.Speak 6 International languages fluently
  • 20.Start a startup idea that sounds like a stupid idea.. But turns to be a successful busines
  • 21.Take a photo every day for a month.
my thoughts
Here is where I write about myexperiences, and about my failures.
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